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At RCP, we tailor our jar & can filling to your specific requirements, accommodating a diverse range of products including powders, granules, and other dry formulations. Our cans are available in various sizes and designs, ensuring we meet your exact needs. Options include custom shapes, easy-open lids, and resealable closures, among others. We also provide secondary and tertiary packaging solutions that are eco-friendly and sustainable, aligning with modern environmental standards.

Our approach to can packaging is versatile and innovative, ensuring that your products not only look appealing but also maintain their quality and integrity. Whether it’s for laundry care items, personal care itens or any other granulated or powdered goods, RCP’s can packaging solutions are designed to enhance your product’s market appeal while still staying true to our commitment to sustainability and quality.

Packaging formats



Granules | Powder

Bio & Vegan Formula

Cans & Jars

Diameter from 40 to 100 mm
Höhe von 80 bis 160 mm

Recyclable | Biodegradable Bioplastics | 100% Recyclable Paper

Secondary Packaging

Shrink foil | Outer carton

Recycled material | FSC Mix cardboard

Tertiary Packaging

Äußere Kartonverpackung

Recycled material | FSC Mix cardboard

Cans & Jars product types

Scoop with washing powder on washing powder background


Washing powder in plastic spoon on blue background

Detergent samples

Stain removers

Laundry perfume

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At RCP, we are a premier contract manufacturer in Europe, specialising in a wide array of laundry care products. Our areas of expertise include the production and private label solutions for cans, ideal for products in the laundry care business, such as whiteners, stain removers, and detergent samples.

Our skilled team is dedicated to assisting you in developing the perfect solutions for your laundry care range. Whether it involves crafting formulations for powerful laundry whiteners with superior stain removal capabilities, our focus is on fulfilling and surpassing your expectations. Our commitment to quality and innovation ensures that your laundry care products are not only effective, but also presented in packaging that speaks to their excellence.

Self Care

RCP stands out as a distinguished contract manufacturer, broadening its services to the personal care sector with can and jar packaging solutions. Our expertise extends to offering versatile packaging alternatives for personal care items, utilizing cans and jars to meet diverse consumer preferences and needs.

Our team is committed to helping you develop exceptional formulas, from revitalizing peel and rinse off masks, hand and foot care, to relaxing bath salts or baby creams samples for example, ensuring that they all meet high expectations. We guarantee that your personal care products are distinctively packaged to reflect their quality.


Bathing pearls

RCP Produktentwicklung


Hand and Nail Care. Beautiful Women's Feet with Pedicure in Beauty Salon.

Leg revitalizing

women's hands with cream or lotion on a pink background. skin care and hand and skin health during

Hand care

Woman with clay mask and cucumber

Peel & rinse off masks

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Advantages of working with RCP

70 years experience

Since 1953, RCP has grown to become a leading contract manufacturer and private label producer in Europe.

Top Certifications

We have been certified with IFS HPC, Ecovadis and other Worldwide seals of approval to ensure top quality.


We strive to achieve our sustainable goals, aiming to optimize our packaging, using recyclable materials & minimize waste in our production.

Full-service company

We help our clients develop their products by adapting to each of their needs, from product development to logistics.

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