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RCP’s pride and joy is its production of sachets with wipes. From the formulation, to contract manufacturing, as well as packaging and private label production, we specialize in home care individually packed wipes, whether it be personal care wipes or lens cleaning, as well as other surfaces including leather, plastic and many more.

Packaging formats

There are many options when it comes to the packaging and contract manufacturing of your sachets with wet wipes. Here are the different formats and features that we offer for each of the parts of your single-use wipes:

Single sachet

Double sachet



Bio & Vegan Formulas


Crepe Paper | Non-Woven | Airlaid

100% Natural Fibre | FSC MIX PULP


Sizes from 36,5 x 60 mm to 70 x 120 mm

Less than 99% aluminium | Recycle Ready

Secondary Packaging

Folding box (with dispenser) | PE bags - Outer carton

> 90% Recycle material | FSC Mix Cardboard

Tertiary Packaging

Trays | Shelf-Ready pack | Outer carton

Recycled Cardboard

Sachet with wet wipes product types

Interior detail of modern living room with brown leather sofa. Close-up.

Leather & Plastic

groom tied the laces on the shoes close up. business man is hanging shoes indoor in hotel room. mans

Shoe cleaning

Asian woman using alcohol spray on tissue clean mobile phone before use it for protect coronavirus.

Screen & Smartphone

Hands, woman and cleaning dust of glasses with fabric tissue for protection, sight and eyes. Person

Lens cleaning

Stain removers

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Home Care

At RCP, we are a leading contract manufacturer for wet wipes in Europe. Our area of expertise lies in single-use wipes for home care products. Although our broadest experience is with lens cleaning sachets, we have provided companies with other single-use cleaning wet wipe contract manufacturing and private label services. We can help you create your ideal formulation for wet wipes that are effective in cleaning glass, leather, and other plastic products that will meet your expectations. Not only that, but as a full-service wet wipes contract manufacturer, we can also accompany you in the stability testing, sourcing, bulk mixing, filling and packaging of your single-use sachets. 

Personal Care

As a private label skin care manufacturer we know that sachet wet wipes are an important part of the business, whether it be to create samples or to provide the suitable measures your product needs as a single-use good. Skin care manufacturing means being able to provide top tier solutions that are not only environmentally friendly, but also respectful to the body in terms of formulation. Our skin care wet wipes are private label ready, meaning we can help you create a made-to-measure packaging solution that will help your product stand out from the crowd. We work for both drugstore and retail chains as we as discounters to offer wet wipes to suit each of our client’s goals

Multiracial woman got heatstroke in the scorching sun

Refreshing Wipes

Woman At Home Wearing Pyjamas Looking In Bathroom Mirror Taking Off Make Up With Wipe

Make Up Remover

Legs vitalizing

Peace, wellness and black woman at spa sleeping on cosmetology salon bed for relaxing back treatmen

Wellness & Sleep

Nails care. Beautiful woman's nails with french manicure, in beauty studio

Nail varnish remover

Close up mosquito sucking blood from human skin

Après care for insect bites

Self tanning

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Advantages of working with RCP

70 years experience

Since 1953, RCP has grown to become a leading contract manufacturer and private label producer in Europe.

Top Certifications

We have been certified with IFS HPC, Ecovadis and other Worldwide seals of approval to ensure top quality.


We strive to achieve our sustainable goals, aiming to optimize our packaging, using recyclable materials & minimizing waste in our production.

Full-service company

We help our clients develop their products by adapting to each of their needs, from product development to logistics.

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