Packaging formats ​

At RCP, we specialize in private label manufacturing, tailored to meet the unique requirements of retail chains, discounters, and drugstores, all with the aim of making your brand stand out from the crowd.

With an extensive array of Private Label personal  care, home care, and laundry care solutions, we have the versatility to provide products that precisely align with your specific needs.

Our unwavering dedication to sustainability and quality is ingrained in every step of our product development and production processes. This steadfast commitment ensures that each and every item we produce consistently meets the highest industry standards.

Place your trust in RCP, and we will deliver nothing short of excellence in private label manufacturing, thereby enhancing your brand’s presence and leaving your customers satisfied.

Packaging options for your private label

Your private label products can take on many shapes and formats. Here are the different packaging formats we offer at RCP: 

Sachet with wipe


Stand-up pouch


Types of bulk we offer for private label manufacturing

Private label manufacturing areas

laundry room with a washing machine

Washing machine cleaner

Clean Empty dishwasher machine inside

Dishwasher cleaner

Washing and dryer machine

Rubber cleaner and preservation

laundry basket, pile of clean soft towels and white clothes hanging on clothesline on blue


Scoop with washing powder on washing powder background

Oxy powders

Tomatoes and ketchup stain on white shirt clothes close up

Stain removes

Obsolete electric heater of washing machine

Appliance descalers

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As dedicated private label cleaning product manufacturers, our mission is to provide you with top-tier cleaning solutions that exude commercial quality, all while being presented in a tailor-made packaging that enhances your brand’s presence and prominence. Our laundry care repertoire includes an array of products such as laundry whiteners, oxy powders, and stain removers, all meticulously formulated to elevate the efficiency of your clients’ laundry routines.

But our commitment to cleanliness doesn’t stop there. We extend our expertise into the realm of appliance care and maintenance as well. Our private label offerings encompass a comprehensive range of products designed to keep household appliances in pristine condition. This includes dishwasher and washing machine cleaners, descalers, and more. At RCP, cleanliness is not just our business; it’s our passion and expertise, and we apply this knowledge to help you create standout products that meet and exceed industry standards, ensuring your brand shines brighter than ever before.

Personal Care

In the realm of private label manufacturing, private label personal  has emerged as a highly sought-after category. At RCP, we pride ourselves on being your trusted partner throughout the entire journey of crafting your private label personal care product, starting from the initial concept to the final product launch. Our dedicated team of dedicated experts is here to guide you every step of the way. They possess the knowledge and experience to assess your unique needs, formulate exceptional personal care  formulas , and navigate the intricate logistics required to meet the stringent standards that this industry requires. With RCP by your side, you can rest assured that your private label personal care venture will not only meet but exceed expectations, delivering products that cater to the evolving demands of today’s personal care market.


Bath salts

Shot of a young woman rinsing her hair against a studio background

Hair cure & colorings

happy little brother and sister playing together in bathtub


Closeup of a person's beautiful green eye

Eye lid care

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Multiracial woman got heatstroke in the scorching sun

Refreshing Wipes

Woman At Home Wearing Pyjamas Looking In Bathroom Mirror Taking Off Make Up With Wipe

Make Up Remover

Hand and Nail Care. Beautiful Women's Feet with Pedicure in Beauty Salon.

Foot Care

Peace, wellness and black woman at spa sleeping on cosmetology salon bed for relaxing back treatmen

Wellness & Sleep

Nails care. Beautiful woman's nails with french manicure, in beauty studio

Nail varnish remover

Close up mosquito sucking blood from human skin

Anti Mosquito treatments

Woman with clay mask and cucumber

Peel & rinse off masks

women's hands with cream or lotion on a pink background. skin care and hand and skin health during

Hand care

Interior detail of modern living room with brown leather sofa. Close-up.

Leather & Plastic

groom tied the laces on the shoes close up. business man is hanging shoes indoor in hotel room. mans

Shoe cleaning

Asian woman using alcohol spray on tissue clean mobile phone before use it for protect coronavirus.

Screen & Smartphone

Hands, woman and cleaning dust of glasses with fabric tissue for protection, sight and eyes. Person

Lens cleaning

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At RCP, our pièce de résistance undoubtedly lies in the realm of individual wet wipes, a cornerstone of our legacy since our beginnings as a private label manufacturer back in 1953. Over the decades, our focus has honed to perfection, particularly in the domains of personal care and household care, predominantly through the versatile medium of individual wet wipes.

Advantages of working with RCP

70 years experience

Since 1953, RCP has grown to become a leading contract manufacturer and private label producer in Europe.

Top Certifications

We have been certified with IFS HPC, Ecovadis and other Worldwide seals of approval to ensure top quality.


We strive to achieve our sustainable goals, aiming to reduce waste in our packaging, using recyclable materials & reducing waste in our production.

Full-service company

We help our clients develop their products by adapting to each of their needs, from product development to logistics.

With a wide-reaching customer base spanning across Europe, we have consistently upheld the gold standard in production, especially when it comes to single-use wet wipe sachets. Our commitment extends not only to meeting your expectations, but also to aligning with your sustainability objectives. We pride ourselves on delivering wet wipes that not only perform flawlessly but also adhere to the highest sustainability standards, ensuring that your brand stands as a beacon of excellence in the market.

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