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Since 1953 we have offered individual solutions in the are of flexible packaging four our customers in the industry of laundry detergents, detergents, toiletries as well as food industry.


Due to longtime experience and continuous improvements of our products we belong to Europe´s leading manufacturers of one-time use as separately packed wet wipes, sachets and stand-up pouches. Our modern production facilities perform the best quality in high production numbers for inexpensive prices.


During the last years we have expanded our portfolio of self-developed products continuously and we deliver our articles as manufacturer´s brand or trademark (private label) to well-known branded companies, chains and discounters.


Our products are developed in Germany according to the latest scientific findings and they are manufactured with the most modern production facilities. All our products comply wit the legal Rely on our quality „Made in Germany“!


With the brand Vita Elan we offer quality dietary supplements, bath salt as well as facial wipes and cleaning wipes. All our products whose compositions arise in our laboratory are manufactured by us. All Vita Elan products are also available as manufacturer´s brand ore trademark (private label). 


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Our company´s history at a glance:

2011 - today

2020: Acquisition of Lohnpack, Pohlheim and Borval, BE-Ieper


2018: Diverse investments on

  • High performance production facilities
  • Tanks + CIP facilities
  • Pasting machines for folding cards


2017: Take-over by Sefunda CTT GmbH 


2016: Self-construction of the first high performance production facility


2015: Purchase of the IP for high performance production facilities


2012-2014: Investment on 4 high performance production facilities with new technology for the production of wet wipes.


2000 - 2010

2009: Take-over by Nimbus, change of name to "RCP Ranstadt GmbH"


2006: Expansion of capacity for the horizontal production of sachets


2001: Take-over by the Budelpack group, change of name to "Budelpack Ranstadt GmbH"



1953 - 1999

1995: Installation of the powder mixing facility


1984: Start of the production of liquids


1979: Manufacturing of the first glasses wipes


1974: Take-over by the Klöckner group, change of name to "Klöckner Pentapack"


1970: Production of the first sachets for magazines


1968: New construction of the current location


1960: Production of the first refreshing wipes


1953: Foundation as "Hassia Verpackung"